Prospective Member?

Repasz maintains an instrumentation with a total membership of 75-80, but occasionally has specific needs for additional musicians.  We are limited as to overall band size due to rehearsal facility constraints.

As an open membership community band, any high-school/college level musician capable of playing the band’s repertoire is welcome, at the invitation of the director.  (Auditions may be held to determine placement within sections.  Seating and parts assignments are at the discretion of the Director and section leader.)

For specific information, prospective members are requested to contact our director, Jeffrey Dent.  You may also download a copy of the Repasz Handbook here.

Rehearsals are held every Tuesday evening (with the exception of performance dates and the last 2-3 weeks of December) from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at The Susquehanna School for Music and Art, located at 50 East Houston Ave, Montgomery PA 17752.  If you would like to attend a rehearsal or two and “try us out,” please contact our director.

Dues – there are no membership dues.

Rights and Responsibilities of Members – are outlined in the Handbook for new members.

Uniforms – Formal uniform jackets are issued by the Band.  Each member provides a short- or long-sleeved white shirt, black tie, black pants, black shoes and black socks.  Summer concert attire is a short-sleeved white shirt open at the collar without the formal jacket.  A Repasz branded white polo shirt is available for purchase, as are black, medium-weight, nylon Repasz jackets and ball caps.

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